Badgers Brett NetheryI was scanning the most up to date Badgers football 2013 roster, and noticed a home town kid on the roster.  Freshman Brett Nethery is a punter, and he’s from Greendale Wisconsin, my current home town. As a junior, he managed over forty yards per punt.  On top of that, he amassed 400+ yards receiving.  In his senior year, Brett upped his average punt distance by another five yards.  This kid pinned Greendale Panthers opponents back, way back.  Nethery will be competing against Matt Salerno from Chatfield MN.  Salerno has a lower average when it comes to punting distance, but can also kick field goals.  Both of these young men will be working behind Drew Meyer, the red shirt sophomore.

Drew Meyer booted his career best punt during the Big Ten Championship game.  That one went for 61 yards.  He’s managed to get the ball inside the 20 with regularity, and averages well over 40 yards per punt in game time situations. Let’s hope that the Badgers won’t need much of a punters services in 2013.  If they do, they have three solid kids to choose from.

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